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Maxammon treated grain – Available for use in blends.

Maxammon is a unique grain treatment used to improve feed efficiency, animal performance and help reduce cost.

Typically, Maxammon is used to treat wheat and barley and is available for use in blends, direct to farm as a straight or supplied as a treatment pack to be used on farm when processing your own grain, either at harvest or after storing.

Maxammon elevates the protein level and increases the pH which can allow more grain to be fed to livestock in a safe way.

Feeding Maxammon-treated grain helps to stabilise rumen pH, meaning you can maintain the optimal range for the rumen to work most efficiently.

By creating the ideal rumen condition, microbes are more active which improves overall digestibility leading to improved feed efficiency and daily liveweight gain, as well as helping to maximise milk yields and milk solids. The increase in grain protein levels is around 30%, reducing the need to buy in additional protein sources.

Maxammon is a tried and tested product with more than 14 universities and research institutes around the world listing benefits including:

Maxammon wheat and barley is available for use in blends from our site at Risdon Mill in  Okehampton, Devon which stocks a range of different products. With 12 finished product bays and 10 finished product bins it allows a quick turnaround for haulier and customer collections.

Across all of our UK blend sites, we offer a wide range of standard blends along with bespoke formulations unique to your farm, utilising the variety of different raw materials we have available.

We can provide a blend to fit your need and would welcome a call to our blends team who would be happy to quote for your current formulation or provide an optimised version which relates to your current blend nutritionally but would utilise alternative raw materials to help reduce cost.

By considering the movements in the raw material markets, you could save money, especially when a formulation has not been reviewed for a long time in the current volatile market.

For further information on our blends service, please give the team a call on 01566 780284 or speak to your local nutritionist.