Make the most of your milk income by improving ration efficiency

Despite increasing costs, unknown forage quality and extra restrictions from milk processors, an increasing milk price provides a great opportunity to get the most out of your milk contract this winter.

Understanding your contract and reviewing your feeding strategy offers a good starting point to increase milk solids and milk value.

Regularly testing forage is the first step to enable appropriate supplementation and balancing of key nutrients including starch, fibre, sugar and protein from the rest of the ration.

Once the forage nutrient content and intake potential have been established rumen fermentation can be balanced and optimised to achieve agreed needs, whether increasing milk output, better fats and proteins or lowering costs. Rumen function is key to the efficiency of the ration which is vital during this period of increasing feed costs.

In the diagram below the importance of starch and fibre to milk protein and milk fat is demonstrated:

Starch and fibre to milk protein and milk fat

Mole Valley Feed Solutions is committed to our customers by offering a range of balanced nutritional products.

This winter’s range of compounds, see summary in Table 1, cover most farm systems and forage bases. Compounds have careful ingredient selection to create palatable products.

Winter Dairy Compound Range

Our Precision Nutrition approach allows for accurate specifications of compounds to manipulate rumen function as required to maximise production output.

Specific Precision Nutrition parameters target milk protein or milk fat. Increased glucogenic precursors support milk protein production and promote fertility.

Alternatively, if targeting milk fat an adequate supply of digestible fibre and a maximum level of RUFAL (a particular type of oil) are both important. This will increase milk price and margin over purchased feed.

Specific compounds contain rumen-protected proteins. This bypass protein source complements the rumen-degradable protein and supplies essential amino acids.

Additionally, some of our specialist products contain extra components, for example, yeast which works to enhance feed efficiency and milk production.

Mole Valley Feed Solutions’ Nutritionists are able to use Precision Nutrition rationing software to help achieve the agreed needs of your farm this winter.

For more information contact your local nutritionist, call the Feed Line on 01278 444829 or email