Mole Valley Farmers first to openly declare carbon footprint of feed on labels

Farmers will be able to instantly gauge the carbon footprint of their compounds and blends thanks to a commitment from Mole Valley Farmers to include the information on feed labels as standard.

From 1st August 2021, all conventional dairy compounds and blends produced by Mole Valley Farmers will include a carbon footprint (CFP) figure in kg CO2e per kg of feed. This will sit alongside the usual list of nutrients detailed on the label and will be included on all products, regardless of whether they’re bespoke mixes or off-the-shelf products.

The carbon footprint figures have been calculated using the latest environmental impact information for individual feed ingredients from the Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI). These have been combined with ‘best estimates’ for production and transport to provide a total CFP figure up to delivery onto the farm. The figures will be independently audited using a specialist consultancy firm.

The move marks the next step in Mole Valley Farmers’ Climate Positive Agriculture initiative. This has already seen the business develop its Precision Nutrition rationing programme, enabling the calculation of the carbon footprint, methane and nitrogen output of a total diet, including forages.

Mole Valley Farmers is also about to launch the new Climate Positive range of feeds, which have been specifically formulated to have a low impact on the environment.

Dr Chris Bartram, Head of Nutrition for Mole Valley Farmers says: “The dairy industry is starting to move towards rewarding farmers for reducing their environmental impact. We want to help producers more accurately calculate their business’s carbon footprint by providing them with the information they need about the environmental attributes of the diets they feed.

“We can then advise on where they can make environmental gains with their ruminant diets, whilst also continuing to help them hit production targets and maximise margins.”

For more information, please call the Feed and Nutritionists Line on 01278 444829 or email