Our new Nutrient Management Plan service to help boost yields

Our experts have launched a new service to help grassland farmers target the correct nutrients for their soil, boost productivity, remain profitable and reduce carbon emissions.

Our FACTS-qualified experts specialise in grassland and forage crops, making our Nutrient Management Plan service bespoke for livestock farmers.

The web-based plan is compliant with the Environment Agency and automatically updated along with RB209 recommendations.

The coordinated Nutrient Management Plan looks at:
• Current soil nutrition using soil sample results
• Nutrient requirements of different crops required to grow targeted yields
• Nutrients available on the farm already from slurry and farmyard manure (FYM)
• Fertiliser GHG Emission Calculator

The plan then provides targeted advice on fertiliser use and the use of slurry/FYM, as well as any soil changes needed.

Our Nutrient Management Plan will:
• Comply with all current legislation
• Provide a focussed approach
• Maximise nutrient levels and production
• Target nutrients only where they are needed and specifically for the crop
• Avoid the use of wasted nutrients, saving money
• Measure the emissions from your fertilisers and help reduce your carbon footprint
• Minimise risk to the environment

Our Head of Grassland and Soil Agronomy, Lisa Hambly, said a Nutrient Management Plan was essential to plan a farm’s forage requirements and maximise yields, whilst reducing costs.

She said: “This programme will allow farmers to target the money where it is most needed.”

The Nutrient Management Plan features in the Sustainable Farming Incentive Standards under ELMS. Our nutrient management information can help secure subsidies and compliance evidence for environmental regulations and standards.

Ms Hambly said: “As well as being compliant with ELMS Schemes like the Sustainable Farming Incentive and for farm inspections, considerable value comes in planning the crop and seeing what the return on investment is for buying fertiliser, or perhaps renting land.

It’s for your soil health, cows and cropping. Ask yourself if you know what your fields are yielding. If not, how do you know how much to feed the crop?”

For a fixed fee covering up to 250 acres, with a per acre fee over 250, our Nutrient Management Plan could help improve yields and save money on bought-in inputs.

Ms Hambly said: “This isn’t a bit of paper to sit on the shelf. This is an interactive tool where inputs and cropping can easily be amended according to the changing requirements of the livestock diet.

“The service from the Mole Valley Farmers’ team means we are here to support you through the journey and produce better forage profitably.

“This is a new service to support our farmers in remaining profitable and productive while safeguarding the future of UK farming.”

What is put on the soil can also influence animal health, added Ms Hambly. “It’s vital to link the soil to the animal and realise what you put on the soil and treat the soil with can make a difference to animal health, productivity and profitability.

“Likewise, what you feed your animals will also influence the quality of the FYM or slurry, which is why it’s important to get it tested and input your farm numbers into the Nutrient Management Plan for accurate results.”

Farmers should also know the legal requirements when applying an ‘improvement’ to cultivated land. DEFRA’s farming rules for water state soil testing must be carried out for levels of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, pH and nitrogen at least every five years.

Autumn is a good time for farmers to start planning. Contact us today for more information or to get your Nutrient Management Plan booked in.