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Whether you have a suckler herd, buy in stores, rear calves or finish stock, the Mole Valley Feed Solutions team is on hand to help you maximise beef performance efficiencies and margins.

Our nutritionists will work with you to understand your specific goals and design a ration to meet growth rate targets. Our Precision Nutrition Beef rationing programme is backed up by science and enables specific nutrients to be finely balanced to optimise performance, whilst reducing the cost of every kilo of meat produced.

Balancing beef diets

Mole Valley Farmers’ rationing programme, Precision Nutrition Beef looks at a number of unique nutrients which are at the heart of efficient beef production. Ultimately, optimal animal performance is dependent on the balance between these nutrients. By delving into these nutrients in detail, the team can help you improve performance efficiencies and ultimately, margins.

Some of the nutrients include:

  • Gluco TN – This looks at the precursors to glucose which an animal uses for energy and growth.
  • Rapidly Fermentable Carbohydrates (g/kgDM) – This provides a more detailed look at energy supply.
  • Total Fermentable Carbohyrates (g/kgDM) – The combination of fast and slow energy.
  • Structural Fibre Index – The amount of physical fibre in the diet.
  • Acid Load (g/kgDM) – This is an indication of rumen health.

Analysis of a sample of beef diets has shown that high Gluco TN levels are positively related to growth rate. At the same time, too much fibre – leading to a high Structural Fibre Index – is negatively related.

The appropriate ration balance will be dictated by individual farm growth rate targets and rumen health. For example, a farmer wanting stock to grow at 1.2kg per day will require a diet with a different balance compared to one aiming for 1.7kg per day.

Our team will work with you to design an appropriate diet depending on your system, target growth rates, market outlet and forage supplies.

Forage forms the foundation of any cost effective beef diet, so we routinely test forages and balance rations accordingly. We can also provide tips on how to improve forage management.

Beef Bureau Rationing Service

What’s your feed cost per kilo of live weight gain?

Optimising feeding regimes on beef systems is essential considering feed represents about 70% of variable costs. Mole Valley Farmers’ Beef Bureau Rationing Service can help you to lower your feed cost per kilo of live weight gain and maximise efficiencies. It provides a one-stop-shop for nutritional queries. There’s no need for a farm visit, the team can assess diets and advise on tweaks to drive performance over the phone or by email.

Call Matt Witt on 07866 786271 or email:

Specialist products

We have a wide selection of specialist products available to suit specific system requirements. Whether it’s compounds, blends, minerals, straights or specialist supplements, we have something to meet your needs.

Some of our specialists products include:

  • Axcelera-C – an extremely palatable, high lactose pellet, which is offered in addition to milk from day three until weaning. Beef farmers are seeing accelerated growth, significant reductions in lifetime mortality and improvements in carcass quality.

Customer support

We have a market leading feed purchase risk management system to help you buy feed at the optimum time, for the best price, coupled with excellent customer service, production and logistics teams.

Research and Development

We’re continuously investing in research and development – We work with leading global researchers to ensure we’re providing farmers with the latest thinking in ruminant nutrition. We also run our own research programme, including beef feeding trials.