Milk Powders

Calf Start First

First is an acidified whey based, water soluble complete milk replacer. The product is based on >80% dairy ingredients combined with carefully selected, high quality vegetable ingredients, vitamins and minerals for safe and easy calf rearing. The product mixes easily in hot or cold water.

Key Benefits

• Acidified milk replacer
• Carefully selected ingredients
• Dairy content >80%
• 21% protein level


Calf Start Advance

CalfStart Advance is a high protein inclusion milk replacer specially designed to help achieve fast frame growth in early life whilst your calf’s feed conversion is at its peak.

Key Benefits

• High specification product • Optimises fast frame growth
• High protein at 25% and organ development
• Designed specifically for dairy heifer replacements


Calf Start Hi-Performer

Hi-Performer is a 30% skim based, water soluble milk replacer. The product is made from high quality dairy ingredients. It is easy to use and contains all necessary vitamins and minerals. This product can be used for both dairy and beef calves.

Key Benefits

• 30% skim milk
• 22.5% protein level
• Can be mixed with whole milk
• 90% dairy content


Calf Start Maximise

Maximise is a whey based, water soluble milk replacer containing 12.5% skimmed milk powder. The high protein content,consisting of a combination of whey and casein is excellent for optimising calf growth and organ development.

Key Benefits

• 24% protein level
• 12.5% skimmed milk
• 85% dairy content
• Optimised growth in accelerated feeding schedules

Calf Start Multistart

CalfStart Multistart is ideal for once and twice a day feeding, and is suitable for use in buckets and cold ad-lib feeding systems. The product mixes instantly with cold or warm water and is also suitable for use in some computerised calf feeders and automatic feeders requiring an instant milk powder.

Key Benefits

• Made with British milk
• Suitable for dairy or beef calves
• Highly digestible
• 22% protein level