Dairy Cow Feeding, Nutrition & Supplements

We understand that all dairy farms are different. Our team of nutritionists will work closely with you to understand your specific system and performance goals. We’ll then design a diet to meet your needs. Whether you’re aiming for milk constituents, to maximise yields or improve transition cow performance, we have the knowledge and products to provide tailor-made solutions for your farm. 

Everything we do is backed up with the latest cutting-edge research in dairy cow nutrition. Our Precision Nutrition rationing program has been designed in partnership with leading global institutes, allowing us to balance specific, unique nutrients to meet your herd’s needs.

We’re also leading the way when it comes to helping dairy producers to understand the environmental impact of cow diets. As part of our Climate Positive Agriculture initiative, we understand the carbon footprint of all of our compounds and straights. We can also establish the environmental impact of your herds’ diet and offer advice on how to lower it.

It’s all part of our role in supporting UK agriculture!

Transition nutrition

The transition period is the most important stage in a cow’s lactation; get that right and she will calve in smoothly and get off to a flying start. Our nutritionists can offer advice on how to improve transition management based on your facilities and resources. They’ll look at various factors including cow environment, body condition score and how your forages and overall ration balance are impacting on transition success. They’ll then formulate the best possible ration for transition and early lactation to maximise peak yields and fertility.

In some cases, feeding protected amino acids (the building blocks of protein) could be appropriate. Research found that feeding methionine for 21 days before calving to 30 days in-milk resulted in an average milk yield increase of 3.4kg/day. Dry matter intakes were also 1.9kg a day higher for methionine supplemented cows in early lactation and there was suggestion of better immune function. (Osorio, 2013).

Read more about Mole Valley Farmers’ commitment to dairy research.

Feeding for constituents

More and more milk contracts are rewarding for milk fat and protein. The range of unique nutrients in our Precision Nutrition rationing programme allows rations to be finely tuned to push for milk fat and/or protein.

We’ll routinely test on-farm forages and ensure rations are balanced accordingly to meet your specific milk quality goals. For example, Rumen Unsaturated Fatty Acid Load (RUFAL) can be high in fresh grass, potentially leading to sub optimal rumen function and depressed butterfats at turnout. Choosing specific feeds balanced for acid load, fibre index and Digestible Undegradable Starch (DUS) can help complement low fibre, high protein fresh grass and optimise rumen health. Gluconogenic energy is also considered to drive milk yields and milk protein, whilst helping reduce the effects of negative energy balance.

In some cases, feeding a specialist protected fat may also be appropriate to help boost milk fat, support yields and cow body condition.

Systems focus

Whether you are a high input, all year round housed herd; a block calving, grazing focused system; robotic milking; self-feed silage or full TMR, we have the expertise within our team to provide tailor-made solutions for your system.

Speak to The Feed & Nutritionists Line on 01278 444829 to find our how we can help you.

Specialist products

Mole Valley Feed Solutions works closely with global research institutes to design specialist products to deliver cutting edge farm solutions, backed up by science.

Our formulation compounds and blends and bespoke feeds are all carefully balanced using Mole Valley Farmers’ Precision Nutrition rationing programme .

We also have a wide range of feed straights, minerals and specialist products such as protected fats, protected amino acids and feed supplements designed to support natural immune function and reduce health events.

Did you know?

As part of our Climate Positive Agriculture initiative, we understand the environmental impact of all of our compounds and straights and can calculate the carbon footprint of any dairy diet.

Farm management services

As part of our on farm nutritional advice, we offer a free Kingshay Dairy Costings service to all of our dairy customers and routinely analyse your farm’s forages and adjust rations accordingly.

We also have a market leading feed purchase risk management system to help you buy feed at the optimum time, for the best price, coupled with excellent customer service, production and logistics teams.

Did you know?

Herds using Mole Valley Feed Solutions’ products and services are achieving nearly an additional £40 per cow MOPF (margin over purchase feed) versus the industry standard. This equates to over £15,000 per year for a large herd (Kingshay, year ending March 2021).