The Mole Valley Feed Solutions team has drawn on the latest research to develop a range of tools, products and services to specifically support robotic milking herds.

Farms that make the move to automated milking commonly invest in cow environment and technology, but often nutrition is not given the same attention. We can ensure the best possible rations are in place to maximise herd genetic potential and margin over purchased feed on robotic systems.

We believe that stems around delivering nutritional excellence, focused on managing the rumen, liver, feet and udder


We have a range of high energy, fixed formulation compounds, specifically designed to promote robot visits and maximise yields, whilst delivering additional features to support cows milked through robots.

All three 18% protein products have been formulated to support the rumen, liver, udder and feet:

  • AMS Supernova

    AMS Supernova is designed to deliver high yields and milk quality and includes sugar beet pulp, barley and soya meal. High digestible fibre levels support rumen health and milk fat, whilst high glucogenic energy increases milk yield and protein. Enhanced vitamin E and Biotin are incorporated to help immunity, udder health and hoof quality.

  • AMS NSP Lunar UM

    AMS NSP Lunar UM is a non soya compound and includes maize, wheat and beans. Bypass protein and ultra high glucogenic energy make it ideal for very high yielding cows. X1 live yeast helps optimise rumen health and forage utilisation. As an un-mineralised compound, a bespoke mineral Farm Pack can be fed in the TMR.

  • AMS Galactic 18

    AMS Galactic 18 is focussed on increased glucogenic energy, for maximum liver support and output. Galactic includes maize, soya meal and sugar beet pulp and is formulated to promote milk protein and fertility at higher yields. The inclusion of X1 live yeast helps optimise rumen health and forage utilisation on high production systems. Enhanced vitamin E and Biotin are incorporated for immunity, udder health and hoof quality.


Our team can draw on a wide range of complementary products to fulfil herd specific requirements, whilst always considering return on investment. This may include:

  • AppleBoost MPG

    AppleBoost MPG which is a blend of glycerine and monopropylene glycol with a fresh apple taste to drive intakes. One of its roles is in improving liver function by giving cows an energy boost that then reduces body fat mobilisation. This in turn reduces the risk of fatty liver and ketosis.

  • Choline

    Choline helps to reduce liver fat content so the liver remains ‘free flowing’ and able to support extra performance. It can be fed pre-calving and for the first 60-90 days in milk.

  • Biotin

    Biotin reduces lameness but also enhances liver function, promoting increased glucose production, needed for higher yielding dairy cows..

  • X1 Yeast

    Live yeasts are proven to enhance rumen health and thus forage utilisation. This is particularly important for high concentrate rations. Yeasts can be included in the compound fed through the robot, but can be incorporated into the TMR.

Find out how feeding AppleBoost MPG to close-up and fresh cows is helping the 780-head herd at Stowell Farms, Wiltshire achieve yields of over 11,000 litres per cow per year 

Environmental Gains

If you’re looking to meet milk contract requirements to lower your carbon footprint, then we have the tools to help you do so. Using our Precision Nutrition rationing programme we can determine the carbon footprint of your diets and advise on how to lower them, whilst meeting production targets. We also have a selection of no soya, no palm compounds.

Find out more about how we can help you meet environmental targets HERE 

For more information and nutritional advice on rationing robotic milking herds, please contact The Feed Line on 01566 780261 or