Farm Animal Minerals & Supplements

Our dedicated mineral facility in Bridgwater, Somerset makes us unique in the industry. It means we have complete control over the quality and accuracy of our mineral products.

Every year, the site handles thousands of tonnes of minerals, limestone, salt, trace elements and vitamins, which are carefully weighed and mixed to create either Mole Valley Farmers’ mineral range or bespoke mixes designed specifically to meet a farm’s individual needs.

Did you know ?

The UK’s largest supplier of minerals sold direct to farm from our own factory

Mineral Services

  • Mineral Check  

    The mineral’s technical team can carry out a full on farm mineral check to establish if specific minerals are being under or over-supplied. They can then advise on options which could help lower costs and improve livestock performance. This is all part of our drive for responsible mineral nutrition.

  • Farm Packs

    Weighing out individual ingredients like yeasts, binders, bicarbs and minerals into the mixer wagon can be time consuming and also creates room for error. The minerals team can pull together a Farm Pack for you which includes all of these ingredients in one – thus making your life easier!

  • Unique supplements

    We can supply a range of unique supplements to further boost livestock performance. This includes Omnigen-AF® – a speciality feed supplement designed to support immune function in the face of both expected and unexpected stress events.

  • Speciality minerals

    Our speciality products have been designed to help tackle day-to-day challenges on farm, and are all backed up by science. For example, our TDC 600 mineral pack has been formulated to deliver a strong negative Dietary Cation Anion Balance (DCAB) in order to reduce the risk of milk fever on farms that are feeding grass based rations to dry cows.

  • Bespoke minerals

    Your Mole Valley Farmers’ rep can carry out forage analysis, discuss rationing and production aims and work with the minerals team to formulate a bespoke mineral for your requirements. 

  • Buckets and blocks

    We have a wide selection of buckets and blocks to provide ruminants with the essential minerals and nutrition they need at specific times.

  • Price match

    Call the minerals team to see if they can price match or better on the minerals you’re currently using on farm.

  • Mineral Straights

    From rock salt to magnesium chloride flakes and limestone flour, we have it all.

Meet the Minerals Team

  • Richard Keel, Business Manager Mineral Supplements

    Richard provides technical and commercial support helping our fleet of nutritionists nationally and also manages our supplier, consultant and B2B relationships.

  • Neil Berryman, Site and Procurement Manager

    Neil managers the Bridgwater site in terms of production, quality control, efficiencies, raw material purchasing and planning and forecasting.

  • John Lawrence, Senior Mineral Supplements Technical Manager

    John draws on year’s of technical experience to offer advice on correct mineral nutrition on your farm. He can carry out a Mineral Check and design a mineral that’s right for you.

  • Jamie Gibbons, Minerals Supplements Technical Manager

    If you’re having a problem and you want technical mineral advice, speak to Jamie. He can also carry out a farm Mineral Check and help design a bespoke mineral to suit your farm.

  • Dylan Clark, Minerals Formulations Administrator

    If you’re already using a mineral and want to get a quote for a similar product, speak to Dylan. He also handles mineral specifications.

  • Darryl Burn, Minerals Formulations Administrator

    Darryl knows about computer software and specifically our formulation system. He can provide you with a quote for a product and give full mineral specifications.

Speak to the Minerals Team on 01278 420481 or email