Sheep and Lamb Feeding, Nutrition & Supplements

Our sheep team is passionate about helping farmers to produce high quality, profitable lamb. Whether you’re an upland or lowland sheep producer, they’ll work with you to understand your specific requirements and deliver a nutritional package to meet your needs.

By analysing your forages they can formulate the most efficient, cost effective diet to meet ewe requirements in the run-up to lambing and there after. They can also provide tips on getting lambs off to the best start and feeding options to achieve the very best, cost effective performance.

All of our rationing advice is backed up with the latest research and development, as well as support from animal health specialists and our mineral team. Ultimately, it’s about providing you with a whole farm service.

Ration balance

Everything we do is backed up with the latest cutting-edge research in sheep nutrition. Our Precision Nutrition rationing programme has been designed in partnership with leading global institutes, allowing us to balance specific, unique nutrients to meet your flock’s needs.

Understanding forages

With forage making up over 50% of most diets, knowing its nutritional value is essential.

Our nutritionists will routinely analyse your farm’s silage stocks and use the results to balance diets accordingly. Depending on quality results, this could enable substantial savings in bought-in feed costs. Ultimately, it’s about making the most of what you can produce on farm and maximising production from forage. Our team can also identify pinch points on farm and advise on how to improve silage quality.

Specialist products

Whether it’s compounds, blends or specialist feeds, we have a range of products to suit your specific set-up and system requirements.

Sheep minerals

  • Your Mole Valley Farmers’ nutritionist can carry out forage analysis, discuss rationing and production aims and work with the minerals team to help select the best mineral to suit your requirements.
  • The minerals technical team can help build a picture of minerals supplied by on farm rations to establish if specific minerals are being under or over-supplied.

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Feed blocks and buckets

  • We have a range of buckets and blocks to provide sheep with the essential minerals and nutrition they need at specific times.

Did you know?

“Nutrition with integrity” underpins everything we do. All of our mills are Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) registered. Our aim is to deliver a reliable, “on time and in full” service that’s focused on the customer experience and is second-to-none.