Research & Development

We’re continuously investing in research and development – We work with leading global researchers to ensure we’re providing farmers with the latest thinking in ruminant nutrition. We also run our own research programme, including heifer protein feeding trials and beef innovation.

Some of the projects we’re involved in include:

A CIEL-funded project at Nottingham University looking at protein feeding strategies to help lower the carbon footprint and financial costs of heifer rearing

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Looking at the impact of protein level and energy type in dry feed on the growth and development of calves with the University of Reading

Reviewing fatty acid nutrition in dairy cows with Michigan State University

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Looking at feed strategies to help lower methane emissions with Harper Adams University

A farm evaluation looking at the impact of feeding methionine in the transition period on milk outputĀ 

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Some key research findings

Feeding a 60:30 blend of palmitic and oleic acid resulted in a 4.5kg per cow per day increase in energy corrected milk (ECM) over the fresh period (Michigan State University)

Very early lactation cows fed protected methionine, lysine and histidine produced 1.8kg more milk per cow. There was also a 0.16 unit increase in milk protein and a 0.42 unit increase in milk fat. (Mole Valley Farmers and Reading University)

Holstein Friesian bull calves fed a 24% protein pellet from 12 days until three months old averaged 1.3kg/day in daily live weight gain between weaning and three months, versus 0.97kg/day for calves fed a conventional 17% protein pellet (Farm trial).