Alternative Feeds & Blends

If you are looking for advice on the feed markets or a competitive quote for straights, then the Mole Valley Farmers Alternative Feeds team is here to help.

Our team of 12 traders have over 200 years’ of experience between them and have extensive knowledge of the feed markets. Combined with Mole Valley Farmers’ buying power, this means we can offer the very best advice and price on a wide variety of straights, to suit specific farm requirements. From soya hulls to sugar beet pulp and maize distillers, we have it all.

“We’re hugely customer focused, rather than product focused,” says Head of Alternative Feeds & Blends, Shaun Hambley. “We understand our customers’ needs. We have good relationships with shippers who we talk to on a daily basis. The competitive offering and market information we have is second-to-none.”

The Alternative Feeds team are located in four offices across the country, ensuring farmer shareholders receive a regional service from a national business. They’re on hand to offer their thoughts on the feed markets and when to make buying decisions.

Shaun explains: “Our scale brings significant buying power, but it’s not about buying at the cheapest price on the day, but buying at the right time. It might be a falling market and we might recommend buying later. We will give an indication of when it’s right to buy and how much it’s worth covering. Every year we typically save farmers money in contracting straights in a forward position, rather than buying spot.”

The huge knowledge within the wider Mole Valley Farmers business also ensures farmer members have access to an array of support to help maximise farm potential. This includes nutritional support from our Feed Solutions team and farm inputs from our Business Development Managers.

Did you know?

  • Our Alternative Feeds team can supply a range of quantities from small loads of six tonnes, up to artic loads, which can be blown or tipped.
  • We have a massive product range – including Maxammon treated wheat and barley from our processing sites.
  • We have a selection of speciality energy and protein products, including liquid feeds and fats, such as MoleMega Fat Multi.
  • We also sell organic straights and inputs for pigs and poultry – not just ruminants.
  • The Alternatives Feeds team also sell bedding conditioners and bulk loads of sawdust and bedding sand.


We can also provide mineral straights such as limestone flour, sodium bicarbonate and magnesium chloride flakes, so you can make-up your own mineral on farm.

Meet the Mole Valley Farmers Alternative Feeds team

  • Launceston, Cornwall

    Tel: 01566 780261

    Trading Manager West: Merie Dart

    Trading Development Manager: Francesca Savage

    Senior Trader: Karen Soul

    Feed Traders: Harriet Squire, Becky Strang, Samantha Webster

    Blends Manager: Anna Thomas

    Blends Coordinators: Chelsea Budge, Phillippa Merchant, Jasmine Smith

    Agricultural Support Specialist: Olivia Pengilly

  • Hungerford, Berkshire

    Tel: 01488 684155

    Trading Manager North, Wales & East: Catherine Schofield

    Feed Traders: Kerry Cumbley, Demelza Morris

  • Carmarthen, Wales

    Tel: 01267 223716

    Trading Manager North, Wales & East: Catherine Schofield

    Feed Traders: Kerry Cumbley, Demelza Morris

  • Somerford, Cheshire

    Tel: 01260 282500

    Trading Manager North, Wales & East: Catherine Schofield

    Feed Trader: Rachael Abell