Maize set to become the world’s largest grain crop

By Graham Ragg, Mole Valley Farmers Senior Agronomist & Product Manager

The maize crop is set to overtake wheat to become the largest grain crop in the world – with a staggering 197 million hectares grown globally by 2030.

The hectarage has increased by 46% and the yields have grown by 50% in the last 25 years, but why has it become so popular and what is the future for maize in the UK?

With the increased cost of fertiliser in 2022, which is likely to continue into 2023, many farmers are choosing to make more use of F.Y.M. and slurry.

But farmers should consider the possible effects of overdosing nitrogen, phosphate and potash by using excessive amounts of manures on maize and need to evaluate soil nutrient levels, slurries, FYM and crop requirements before application.

Also, it’s important to remember the more organic manure put on maize land, the less is available to apply on grass silage fields.

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